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Russ Filbeck

Russell C. Filbeck
Master Chairmaker
Classic American Chairs

11088 Delphinus Way
San Diego, CA  92126
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Great Grandfather Filbeck




Russ Filbeck's

Original Spoke Shave Designs


Black Cherry Spoke Shave

Black Cherry Spoke Shave
By Russ Filbeck

A spoke shave is used to shape round wooden parts such as; wagon wheel spokes and chair rungs.

I made this spoke shave from a black cherry tree that grew on my great-grandfather’s (Jacob Filbeck, 1850-1932, above right photo) farm in southwest Missouri near Rogersville.

In 1972, the tree was bull dozed to make way for a power line. It would have been burned had my father (Ralph Filbeck, 1910-1999) and my nephew, Jim Schupbach, not rescued it from the burn pile.

Several grandfather clocks, rocking chair, toys and other furniture have been made from that beautiful, old tree.

As a boy, Orval Filbeck, 1913-2006, Ralph’s brother, recalled in his memoirs seeing blue jays walking on the ground, drunk from eating the over-ripe fruit from that tree.

I hope you enjoy the heritage of this tool. I use mine to make chairs and I encourage you to use the tool to make useful things. I know my great-grandfather would be pleased.




Russ Filbeck meets President Carter

Russ Filbeck meets President Carter
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Original Spoke Shave Design
Fine Woodworking's Second Annual Tools and Shops magazine features article on Russ Filbeck and his Spoke Shave Tools
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Assorted Spoke Shaves
Assorted Spoke Shaves
Assorted Spoke Shaves
Assorted Spoke Shaves
Assorted Spoke Shaves
Assorted Spoke Shaves

Assorted Spoke Shaves
Assorted Spoke Shaves

African Blackwood Spoke Shaves
African Blackwood

Black Acacia Spoke Shaves
Black Acacia

Black Cherry Spoke Shaves
Black Cherry

Bocote Spoke Shaves
Boxwood Spoke Shaves
Osage Orange Spoke Shaves
Osage Orange


Spoke Shave Classes

If you are a member of a woodworking guild/club and would like to have a class to make your own personal spoke shave, please contact me for more information.




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