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I built my first rocking chair in 1982. Ever since, I have steadily worked to improve my design, joinery and finishing skills. Today, I'm proud to make heirloom-quality chairs that will last for generations. 

For me, chair making is the most satisfying form of furniture making,  not just because chairs are quite challenging to make but because I get to use and enjoy them every day.

I totally enjoy sharing what I know about making chairs and chair making tools. I teach these skills in "My Shop" and I donate chairs to the Carter Center and Good Samaritan Boys Ranch near Springfield, Missouri fund raising auctions each year. I could not ask for a better way to help others and share what I do.

I admire the Japanese woodworker's skills, precision and sense of tradition. I strive to apply these traits to the chairs that I make. Even though I take some liberty with design, I am committed to preserving the skills and traditions of the Appalachian Ladder Back and Colonial Windsor chair makers.